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Table 2 Differences between general opinion and expert consensus

From: Expert consensus on hospitalization for assessment: a survey in Japan for a new forensic mental health system

Option Rate of appropriateness P value
  General Experts  
The case examiner should also be the physician in charge 39/105 (37.2%) 12/42 (28.6%) NS
Medications should be prescribed to offenders in the same manner as they would be for other patients with mental disorders 67/105 (63.8%) 40/42 (95.2%) <0.001
Continue seclusion (for 1 week or more) even if the offender calms down 20/105 (19.0%) 0/42 (0%) <0.01
Confront the subject aggressively regarding his or her offense 33/107 (30.8%) 16/42 (38.1%) NS
Electroconvulsive therapy should not be used during the assessment process 57/105 (54.3%) 16/42 (38.1%) NS
  1. P values were assessed by Fisher's exact test.
  2. NS = not significant.