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Table 8 Factor analysis of the subscales (second order factor analysis)

From: A standardized scoring method for the copy of cube test, developed to be suitable for use in psychiatric populations

  Second-order factor 1 Second-order factor 2
Deficit Index (DcI)   
Missing Elements (ME) 0.15 -0.80
Mirror Image (M) 0.12 0.61
Deformation Index (DfI)   
Deformation (D) 0.76 -0.24
Rotation (R) 0.74 0.24
Closing-In Index (CiI)   
Close-In (CI) - -
Explained variance 1.16 1.12
Proportion of variance explained 29% 28%
Total variance explained   57%
  1. Significant values are in bold. Because of lack of variability the CI subscale was not included in the analysis.