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Table 1 Therapeutic lifestyle changes for patients at high cardiovascular and metabolic risk: risk factors and goals/recommendations

From: Efficacy of lifestyle interventions in physical health management of patients with severe mental illness

Abdominal obesity Physical inactivity Atherogenic diet
7% to 10% loss of body weight from baseline 30 to 60 min of moderately intense aerobic activity daily Saturated fat <7% of total calories
Caloric deficit of 500 to 1,000 kcal* daily   Reduce intake of trans fat
Physical activity   Dietary cholesterol <200 mg/dl*
   Total fat 25% to 35% of total calories
  1. *To convert values to SI units: 1 kcal = 4.2 kJ; for cholesterol, 1 mg/dl = 0.02586 mmol/l.
  2. Adapted with permission from American Journal of Medicine [72], Grundy SM. Am J Med 2007, 120(Suppl 1): S3-S8.