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Table 1 Baseline Physical and Clinical Characteristics of the Patient

From: Pregnancy and delivery while receiving vagus nerve stimulation for the treatment of major depression: a case report

Age 28 years
Height 168 cm
Weight 160 kg
Heart rate (BPM) 106
Blood pressure Systolic: 122
Diastolic: 88
Neurological examination Sad/depressed affect; other parameters within normal limits
Clinical assessment  
   HRSD28 49
   MADRS 36
   GAF 42
   CGI-S 6
  1. cm: centimeters; kg: kilograms; BPM: Beats per minute; HRSD 28 : Hamilton 28-Item Rating Scale for Depression; MADRS: Montgomery Asberg Depressive Rating Scale; GAF: Global Assessment of Function; CGI-S: Clinical Global Impression – Severity