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Table 4 PTSD symptoms

From: Assessing post-traumatic stress disorder in South African adolescents: using the child and adolescent trauma survey (CATS) as a screening tool

Rate of PTSD symptoms on the K-SADS Rate of PTSD symptoms on the CATS
symptom % symptom %
Comparable Symptoms
Recurrent thoughts or images of events 28 I go over and over what happened in my mind 40
Efforts to avoid thoughts or images associated with the trauma 28 I try not to think about what happened 47
Insomnia 22 I sleep poorly 26
Irritability or outbursts of anger 24 I am grouch and irritable 36
Distress at reminders of event 16 When something reminds me of what happened I get tense and upset 21
Exaggerated startle response 17 I am jumpy and nervous 29
Nightmares 16 I have bad dreams about what happened 9
Difficulty concentrating 19 I have trouble keeping my mind on things 28
Efforts to avoid activities or situations that arouse recollections of the trauma 21 I try to stay away from things that remind me of what happened 21
Non-comparable Symptoms
Sense of foreshortened future 3 I worry that what happened will happen again 57
Feelings of detachment or estrangement 21 I get scared when I think about what happened 38
Inability to recall important aspects of the trauma 10 I have unwanted thoughts about what happened 21
Restricted affect 28   
Hypervigilance 17   
Physiological reactivity upon exposure to reminders 9   
Dissociative episodes, illusions or hallucinations 21   
Diminished interest in activities 22   
Repetitive play related to event / reenactment 2