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Table 2 Summary of various frontotemporal dementia treatment studies

From: Frontotemporal Dementias: A Review

Treatment Study Details Outcome Side Effects
SSRI's Swartz et al 1997: 11 patients; open-label (sertraline, paroxetine, fluoxetine) 9/11 had behavioral improvement Diarrhea (1/11) Increased anxiety (1/11)
  Moretti et al 2003: 8 patients; open-label (paroxetine) Behavioral improvement Reduced caregiver burden Transient nausea (37.5%)
  Deakin et al 2004: 10 patients; RCTa (paroxetine) No improvement in NPIb or CBIc scores Impairment seen on learning tasks/recognition tasks None reported
  Ikeda et al 2004: 16 patients; open-label (fluvoxamine) Behavioral improvement Decreased stereotypes None reported
Trazodone Lebert et al 1999: 14 patients; open-label Improvement in delusions, irritability, aggression, disinhibition (dose-dependent) None reported
  Lebert et al 2004: 26 patients; randomized controlled trial Improvement in irritability, agitation, depression, eating disorders None reported
  Lebert et al 2006: 26 patients; open-label extension of 2004 RCT Improved behavioral symptoms; improved NPI score Hypotension (15%)
Antipsychotics Curtis et al 2000: 1 patient; case report (risperidone) Improved psychosis and social interactions Akathisia Mild parkinsonism
  Pijnenburg et al 2003: 24 patients; retrospective chart review (majority of patients given typical antipsychotics) Not reported Extrapyramidal symptoms (33%) Sedation (12.5%)
Others Moretti et al 2004: 20 patients; open-label (rivastigmine) Improved behavioral symptoms Reduced caregiver burden No change in MMSEd score Nausea (25%) Muscle cramps (20%) Blood pressure changes (15%)
  Goforth et al 2004: 1 patient; case report (methylphenidate) Improved behavioral symptoms None reported
  1. a = randomized controlled trial; b = Neuropsychiatric Inventory; c = Cambridge Behavioral Inventory; d = Mini-Mental Status Exam