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Table 1 Diagnosis grouping by ICD9-CM code

From: Clinical features and therapeutic management of patients admitted to Italian acute hospital psychiatric units: the PERSEO (psychiatric emergency study and epidemiology) survey

Diagnosis group ICD9-CM CODES
Schizophrenia 295/295.xx (not 295.7) schizophrenia
Paranoid status and other non-organic psychoses 297/297.xx Paranoid status
  298.2 Reactive confusional status
  298.3 Acute paranoid reaction (delirious bouffee)
  298.4 Psychoenic paranoid psic.
  298.8 Other reactive psychoses
  298.9 SAI psychoses
Affective psychosis, manic episodes, excitement status 296.0x Single ep. mania
  296.1x Recurrent ep. mania
  296.4x Affective bipolar sind. manic ep.
  296.81 Atypical manic sind
  296.6x Affective bipolar sind. mixed ep.
  298.1 Agitataed type psy.; psychogen. excitat.
Affective psychosis, depression, 296.2 Depr. single ep.
depressive status  
  296.3x Depr. recurrent ep.
  296.5x Bipolar affective sind. depr. ep.
  296.82 Atypical depression
  298.0 Atyp. psychosis depressive type
  311.x Depression not other class.
  296.7x Manic-depr. sind circular type SAI
  296.8x (except .81 o .82) Manic depr sind SAI
  296.9x Affective psy. SAI
Schizoaffective psychosis 295.7
Personality disorders 301/301.xx
Neurotic disorders 300/300.xx
Acute stress reactions, adaptation reactions 308/308.xx/309/309.xx
Substance abuse, dependence 303/303.xx/304/304.xx/305/305.xx
Dementia and psycho-organic 290/290.xx dementia
  293.x Transient organic psychoses
  294/294.xx Chronic organic psychoses
  310/310.xx Frontal lobe synd. And other non-
  psychotic from brain damage
Mental retardation, infantile psychoses 314/314.xx/Infant hypercinetc sindr.
  315/315.xx/Specific devlopm. retardation
  317/317.xx/Mental retardation
  299/299.xx Infant psychoses, autism
Others 302.x Sexual deviations and disturb.
  306.x Physical disfunctions with psych. origin
  307.xx (except 307.1, 307.5)
  307.1 anorexia
  307.5x other alimentary disturb.