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Table 2 Behaviour response data

From: Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of attention processes in presumed obligate carriers of schizophrenia: preliminary findings

  POC mean (SD) Healthy participants mean (SD)
Sustained attention 0.46 (0.47) 0.31 (0.007)
Dual attention 0.73 (0.27) 0.61 (0.34)
Selective attention 1.18 (0.17) 1.08 (0.19)
Dual attention 1.31 (0.23)* 2.43 (0.75)*
  1. This table outlines the mean reaction times (in seconds) of the presumed obligate carriers and the healthy participants to the circles during the sustained attention task and the dual attention task, and the letters during the selective attention task and the dual attention task. POC, presumed obligate carriers.
  2. * p < 0.05