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Table 1 Parameter estimates from the results of confirmatory factor analyses of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) five-dimensional model

From: The factor structure of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) in Greek adolescents

  Prosocial Hyperactivity Emotional Conduct problems Peer problems
I try to be nice to other people. I care about their feelings. 0.58     
I usually share with others (food, games, pens and so on). 0.43     
I am helpful if someone is hurt, upset or feeling ill. 0.64     
I am kind to younger children. 0.48     
I often volunteer to help others (parents, teachers, and/or children). 0.66     
I am restless; I cannot stay still for long.   0.46    
I am constantly fidgeting or squirming.   0.55    
I am easily distracted; I find it difficult to concentrate.   0.51    
I think before I do things. -0.23 0.25    
I finish the work I am doing. My attention is good.   0.44    
I get a lot of headaches, stomach aches or sickness.    0.41   
I worry a lot.    0.59   
I am often unhappy, downhearted or tearful.    0.65   
I am nervous in new situations. I easily lose confidence.    0.46   
I have many fears, I am easily scared.    0.51   
I get very angry and often lose my temper.     0.64  
I usually do as I am told.    -0.25 0.19  
I fight a lot. I can make other people do what I want.     0.44  
I am often accused of lying or cheating.     0.58  
I take things that are not mine from home, school or elsewhere.     0.49  
I am usually on my own. I generally play alone or keep to myself.      0.53
I have one good friend or more.      0.42
Other people my age generally like me.      0.43
Other children or young people pick on me or bully me.      0.46
I get on better with adults      0.41