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Table 7 Convergent validity: Correlations between World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL-100) questionnaire domains, General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-28) subscales and total scores of GHQ-28 and Life Satisfaction Inventory (LSI) (Pearson's correlation coefficient) for the total sample (n = 425)

From: Quality of life in mentally ill, physically ill and healthy individuals: The validation of the Greek version of the World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL-100) questionnaire

WHOQOL-100 domains GHQ-28 somatic symptoms GHQ-28 anxiety/insomnia GHQ-28 social dysfunction GHQ-28 severe depression GHQ-28 total score LSI total score
Physical health 0.63a 0.57a 0.57a 0.52a 0.60a 0.41a
Psychological health 0.47a 0.47a 0.49a 0.66a 0.64a 0.48a
Social relationships 0.33a 0.38a 0.37a 0.45a 0.45a 0.74a
Environment 0.09 0.26a 0.17a 0.22a 0.22a 0.47a
Overall QoL/health 61a 57a 0.53a 0.60a 0.67a 0.78a
  1. a p < 0.01.
  2. QoL = quality of life.a