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Table 3 Turning-points in the development of the mental therapeutic practices in Dromokaition

From: Dromokaition Psychiatric Hospital of Athens: from its establishment in 1887 to the era of deinstitutionalization

Date Dromokaition
19th–20th century Corresponding European theoretical and practical approaches in mental illness treatment
1887 Emphasis on the inner organization of the mental hospital, its architecture, the staff’s behavior, the division of patients according to their mental condition and their placement in appropriate departments
1887–1900 Music therapy, a walk in the country under supervision, pool games, sports, work therapy, artistic expression, baths, enemas
1900 Hypnotic drugs, sedatives, stimulants, exsanguinations, special diets, anti-syphilitic treatment
1925 Fever therapy implemented in 1925
1936 Insulin shock therapy implemented in 1936
1936 Cardiazol convulsive therapy implemented in 1936
1945 Electroshock
1947 Dromokaition is the first mental hospital in Greece to open its gates, organize theatrical performances, film viewings, dance nights, recitals, concerts, festivities
1947 Work Therapy Department
1948 Prefrontal leukotomy implemented in 1948
1948 Choremis brought penicillin from America to Greece