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Table 3 Subscales of the Drug Attitude Inventory-30 (DAI-30)

From: The development and trial of a medication discontinuation program in the department of forensic psychiatry

Subscales of the DAI-30 Questions
Awareness of the need for medication 1. I don’t need to take medication once I feel better.
4. Even when I am not in hospital, I need medication regularly.
5. If I take medication, it’s only because of pressure from other people.
8. I take medications of my own free will.
13. I take medication only when I feel ill.
17. I know better than the doctors when to stop taking medication.
22. I should keep taking medication even if I feel well.
24. It is up to the doctor to decide when I should stop taking medication.
27. I am given medication to control behavior that other people (not myself) don’t like.
30. By staying on medication, I can prevent myself getting sick.
Awareness of the effects of psychiatric drugs 2. For me, the good things about medication outweigh the bad.
6. I am more aware of what I am doing, of what is going on around me, when I am on medication.
9. Medications make me feel more relaxed.
10. I am no different on or off medication.
15. I get along better with people when I am on medication.
18. I feel more normal on medication.
21. My thoughts are clearer on medication.
23. Taking medication will prevent me from having a breakdown.
26. I am happier and feel better when I am taking medication.
29. I am in better control of myself when taking medication.
Impression of medication 3. I feel strange, “doped up”, on medication.
7. Taking medication will do me no harm.
11. The unpleasant effects of medication are always present.
12. Medication makes me feel tired and sluggish.
14. Medication is slow-acting poison.
16. I can’t concentrate on anything when I am taking medication.
19. I would rather be ill than take medication.
20. It is unnatural for my mind and body to be controlled by medication.
25. Things that I could do easily are much more difficult when I am on medication.
28. I can’t relax on medication.