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Table 2 Pharmacokinetic parameters of loxapine

From: Revisiting loxapine: a systematic review

pKa 6.6
Route oral 4 h (range 1–14)
Intramuscular 12 h (range 8–23)
Inhalatory route 4 h (range 6–8)
Time to peak concentration  
Route oral 1 h
Intramuscular 5 h
Inhalatory route 2 min (1–3)
Metabolites 7- and 8-Hydroxyloxapine
Desmethyl-loxapine (amoxapine)
7- and 8-Hydroxyamoxapine
  Ioxapine N-oxide
Excretion Excretion of glucuronide conjugates in urine
Unchanged in faeces