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Table 1 Factor loadings for OCCPI items following varimax rotation

From: A clinical comparison of schizophrenia with and without pre-onset cannabis use disorder: a retrospective cohort study using categorical and dimensional approaches

Principal component Affective Reality distortion Disorganised/negative Motor
Loss of energy/tiredness 0.84    
Loss of pleasure 0.83    
Poor concentration 0.82    
Slowed activity 0.68    
Initial insomnia 0.63    
Poor appetite 0.62    
Dysphoria 0.6    
Excessive self-reproach 0.59    
Increased self esteem 0.48    
Irritable mood 0.47    
Suicidal ideation 0.4    
Primary delusional perception   0.76   
Other primary delusions   0.66   
Delusions of passivity   0.62   
Bizarre delusions   0.61   
Auditory hallucinationsa   0.58   
Clérambault–Kandinsky complexb   0.57   
Non-affective hallucination of any type   0.54   
Delusions of influence   0.53   
Grandiose delusions   0.39   
Inappropriate affect    0.67  
Restricted/ blunted affect    0.66  
Negative formal thought disorder    0.56  
Bizarre behaviour    0.48  
Positive formal thought disorderc    0.44  
Delusions of guilt     0.56
Agitated activity     0.31
Catatonia     −0.62
  1. Highest factor loading for each item in italics type
  2. Factor loading <0.3 are not shown
  3. aAuditory hallucinations: third-person auditory hallucinations and/or running commentary voices and/or other (non affective) auditory hallucinations
  4. bClérambault–Kandinsky complex: thought insertion and/or thought withdrawal and/or thought broadcast and/or thought echo
  5. cPositive formal thought disorder: positive formal thought disorder and/or speech difficult to understand and/or incoherent