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Table 3 Factor analysis of SAI

From: Development and validation of a stock addiction inventory (SAI)

No. Question Factor 1 (features of problem gambling) Factor 2 (core features of addictive disorder)
1 Having borrowed money from friends or financial institutions or sold anything to get money to invest or trade 0.651  
2 Having regretted or felt guilty about my excessive investments or trading 0.668  
3 Having heard from others that I had problems with my investments or trading, regardless of whether I thought it was true 0.711  
4 My investments or trading has caused financial problems for me or my household 0.930  
5 Having bet more than I could really afford to lose 0.768  
6 My investments or trading has caused me health problems, including stress or anxiety 0.574  
7 Having felt a craving or a strong desire or urge to make a great deal of money from my investments or trading   0.652
8 Having spent increasing time or money on my investments or trading   0.741
9 Thoughts of reliving past investing or trading experiences, or expectations for next investments or trading have been an important part of my daily life   0.805
Eigenvalue   4.897 0.978
Variance (%) 54.407 10.870
  1. SAI stock addiction inventory