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Table 6 Prevalence of neurological soft signs in first-episode psychosis

From: Neurological soft signs in Tunisian patients with first-episode psychosis and relation with cannabis use

Authors (year) N Study population Instrument to assess NSS Prevalence of NSS (%)
The Scottish Schizophrenia Research
Group [9]
49 First-episode schizophrenia NES scale 20
Flyckt et al. [59] 31 First-episode psychosis NES scale 78
Browne et al. [4] 35 First-episode schizophrenia or schizophreniform disorder NES scale CNE scale 97
Emsley et al. [60] 66 First-episode psychosis, schizophreniform disorder or schizoaffective disorder NES scale 68
Ruiz-Veguilla et al. [36] 92 First-episode psychosis NES scale 45
Our study 61 First-episode psychosis NSS scale 84
  1. CNE Condensed Neurological Examination, NES Neurological Evaluation Scale, NSS neurological soft signs, NSS scale Neurological Soft Signs scale