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Table 2 Substance use characteristics of Wollo university regular undergraduate students, Dessie, Ethiopia, 2019 (n = 548)

From: Socio-demographic and substance-related factors associated with mental distress among Wollo university students: institution-based cross-sectional study

Independent variablesCategoryFrequency (n)Percent (%)
Current khat useYes10419.0
Current cigarette useYes6211.3
Current alcohol useYes13925.4
Current cannabis useYes224.0
  1. Current khat use: use of khat in the last one month
  2. Current cigarette use: smoking cigarette in the last one month
  3. Current alcohol use: use of beer, tella, areki, or wine in the last one month
  4. Current cannabis use: use of cannabis (hashish) in the last one month