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Table 1 Descriptive summary of 18 studies reporting the prevalence and associated factors of khat chewing among students in Ethiopia included in the systematic review and meta-analysis, 2018

From: Prevalence and risk factors for khat use among youth students in Ethiopia: systematic review and meta-analysis, 2018

AuthorYearRegionStudy areaSample sizeResponse rate (%)The objective of the studyPrevalence (95% CI)
Abdeta T2017OromiaJimma University65195.1Prevalence, withdrawal symptoms and associated factors of khat chewing among students at Jimma University in Ethiopia23.9 (14.50, 33.30)
Ayana A2004OromiaJimma University50097.1Khat (Catha edulis Forsk) chewing, sociodemographic description and its effect on academic performance, Jimma University students24.8 (15.28, 34.30)
Reda A2012OromiaHarar Town189091.1Prevalence and determinants of khat (Catha edulis) chewing among high school students in eastern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study24.2(14.62, 33.78)
Dires E2016OromiaJimma town296100Factors associated with khat chewing among high school Students in Jimma Town Southwest Ethiopia14.2 (6.99, 21.41)
Astatkie A2015SNNPRHawassa University125597.3Prevalence of and factors associated with regular khat chewing among university students in Ethiopia10.5 (4.18, 16.82)
Kassa A2011SNNPRHawassa University59094.5Determinants of alcohol use and khat chewing among Hawassa University students, Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study16.3 (8.50, 24.10)
Kassa A2017SNNPRSidama zone157795.3Prevalence of khat chewing and its effect on academic performance in Sidama zone, Southern Ethiopia13.0(5.96, 20.04)
Kassa A2014SNNPRHawassa University58699.3Prevalence and factors determining psychoactive substance (PAS) use among Hawassa University (HU) undergraduate students, Hawassa Ethiopia20.3(11.62, 28.98)
Gebreslassie M2013TigrayAxum University76498.7Psychoactive substances use and associated factors among Axum University students, Axum Town, North Ethiopia27.9 (17.74, 38.06)
Gebrehanna E2014AmharaBahir Dar University326877.5Khat chewing among Ethiopian University Students—a growing concern12.7 (5.73, 19.67)
Teni FS2015AmharaGonder university42494.3Prevalence, reasons, and perceived effects of khat chewing among students of a college in Gondar Town, Northwestern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study32.5 (21.76, 43.24)
Zein ZA1998AmharaGonder university47998.8Polydrug abuse among Ethiopian university students with particular reference to khat (Catha edulis)22.3(13.26, 31.34)
Bizuayehu G2009AmharaGonder39798.5Prevalence, factors and consequences of khat chewing among high school students of Gondar Town, Northwestern Ethiopia12.6(5.75, 19.45)
Aklilu S2013AmharaGonder university30297.4Prevalence and associated factors of khat chewing among Atse Fasil Campus Students, University of Gondar, North West Ethiopia June6.9 (1.84, 12.06)
Berihun AD2015AmharaGonder University87295.8Khat use and Its determinants among University students in Northwest Ethiopia: a multivariable analysis13.6(6.43, 20.77)
Lakew A2014AmharaAtaye33288Prevalence of Catha edulis (khat) chewing and Its associated factors among Ataye Secondary School Students in Northern Showa, Ethiopia13.3 (6.26, 20.24)
Adere A2017AmharaWoldia university73089.7Determinants of psychoactive substances use among Woldia University students in Northeastern Ethiopia10.4 (4.12, 16.68)
Yegazew K2002AmharaGonder university125887.7Cigarette smoking and khat chewing among college students in North West Ethiopia17.5 (9.36, 25.64)