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Table 2 The quality and agreed level of bias and level of agreement on the methodological qualities of included studies in a meta-analysis based on sampling, outcome, response rate and method of analysis

From: Prevalence and risk factors for khat use among youth students in Ethiopia: systematic review and meta-analysis, 2018

StudyPercentage of agreementKappa valueLevel of agreementNos quality (score on 0 to 9 scale)
Abdeta T (2017)1001Almost perfect8
Ayana A (2004)1001Almost perfect9
Reda A (2012)1001Almost perfect8
Dires E (2016)1001Almost perfect8
Astatkie A (2015)1001Almost perfect8
Kassa A (2016)1001Almost perfect9
Kassa A (2017)1001Almost perfect9
Kassa A (2014)1001Almost perfect9
Gebreslassie M (2013)1001Almost perfect9
Gebrehanna E (2014)1001Almost perfect8
Teni FS (2015)750.60Moderate7
Zein ZA (1998)750.60Moderate7
Bizuayehu G (2009)1001Almost perfect9
Aklilu S (2013)1001Almost perfect8
Berihun AD (2015)1001Almost perfect9
Lakew A (2014)1001Almost perfect8
Adere A (2017)1001Almost perfect8
Yegazew K (2002)1001Almost perfect9