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Table 2 Top three emotional descriptors reported by key side effect

From: The impact on functioning of second-generation antipsychotic medication side effects for patients with schizophrenia: a worldwide, cross-sectional, web-based survey

Key side effect Top three emotional descriptors Representational comments from participants
Problems enjoying sex Frustrated “The lack of the positive things that come with satisfactory sexual relationships”
“I no longer feel to be a man, I do not trust myself, I no longer have my virility and I feel frustrated, useless, done for as if my life had stopped, the ugliest thing is my resignation to this situation”
Gaining weight Lack of confidence “Basically, too big to move. I lose my breath walking from the front door to the letter box. I cannot stand up long enough to wash more than 2 dishes”
“It is hard for me to walk, go upstairs, in my wardrobe I have clothes of all sizes because I still hope to lose weight someday”
Feeling drugged or like a zombie Frustrated “It makes me feel like a zombie, so talking to people is a real effort”
“Feels like I have no energy to do things”
“It’s difficult to perform everyday things like washing, cooking, etc.”
Sleepy during the day Frustrated “Going to visit friends who think that I am not interested because I appear to be asleep”
“Just very low self-esteem. I hate the way that people think that I am being rude, disrespectful or not caring when I fall asleep. The fact that they think it is deliberate destroys me”
“It affects me being able to get to classes on time”
Restlessness Frustrated “I feel like I need to do something important, but my family is content to stay at home watching their tv and computer screens”
“It creates (gives) me anxiety and I cannot understand why, it scares me and prevents me from continuing to do any work”
Difficulty sleeping Frustrated “When I don’t sleep well, I am not as sharp the next day”
“It is really alarming to wait to get to sleep, I cannot, despite taking drugs to sleep, because I do not get tired enough, I do not go out, I do nothing all day, I cannot read any more”
Shaky hands or arms Frustrated “It embarrasses me, so I don’t like meeting people or going to appointments”
“To get dressed I take more time and also to do many other things”
Feeling dizzy/fainted Frustrated “Absolutely nothing that I can do well… Also my boss is bullying me because of my symptoms. I find it all overwhelming and unfair because doctors and psychologists don’t believe me when I tell them that I think my symptoms are related to the medication”
“I sit down, and I wait that they pass off”
“I have difficulties to plan the jobs to do because my head is spinning, and I don’t feel safe”
  1. Based on highest percent reporting the descriptor, and only asked to those who experienced that key side effect. Items were pre-selected and participant was able to select as many responses as they wish