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Table 1 List of questions and probes on KIIs

From: Mapping services at two Nairobi County primary health facilities: identifying challenges and opportunities in integrated mental health care as a Universal Health Coverage (UHC) priority

1. What are the types of health services offered at this particular facility? How often do they run?
2. Who provides these services to the patients? Level of education?
3. Who are the external partners who help lighten the load?
Who are they and what kind of support to they provide?
4. When you think about mental health, do you feel that the facility helps the community in that area?
5. What are some of the barriers and facilitators the facility has in providing mental health services for the population it serves?
6. What do you understand by integrated mental health?
7. What do you think is needed to integrate mental health in PHC?
Is it a long-term or short-term goal? Could you explain?
8. In your own role as a nurse/technician/social worker, what adjustments are needed to accommodate mental health services?
9. Do you feel you are equipped to provide services?
10. What would you need to address specific needs for you to offer mental health Services?
11. Do you need—knowledge—please explain what that means?
12. Do you think—attitudes—need changing—please explain what that means?