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Impact of alcohol use and its related disorders at work in relavance with family history of alcoholism


This study was performed to investigate the impact of alcohol use and its related disorders at work according to people with alcohol dependence, alcohol abuse and those that are rehabilitated. Additionally, the genetic component of heritability in alcoholics was encountered. Finally, an overall evaluation of quality of life was screened.

Material and Methods

The assistant key of our investigation was the questionnaire–31 adjusted in the pattern of alcoholism and in the special parameters of the Hellenic culture. The sample was consisted of n = 75 suffered from alcoholism (men = 60, women = 15) either treated for somatic or mental detoxication. The mean use of alcohol was 21 ± 8.9 years and 11 ± 5.2 years for the men and the women group respectively. The subjects were questioned during their hospitalization for the somatic detoxication. Furthermore the sample was examined once more after a period of six months and one year. In both cases, it was analyzed their financial and their employment status.


More affected people were the subjects that they did not manage to be treated successfully (n = 44). They were unemployed or they have presented a high degree of underemployment, Moreover, the most affected people were those that have presented positive family history of alcoholism (n = 21). It is the other way round for those that were treated effectively, that is relative occupational steadiness (n = 17). 15 subjects have negative family history of alcohol among them). 13 subjects did not follow the study protocol.


It is obvious that alcohol use and its related disorders have a great impact at work. Joblessness implies lack of productivity with severe financial and social consequences. People with alcohol abuse even after treatment construct a group from which family and gregarious problems originate constantly. On the contrary, detoxicated people discontinue to be an obstacle to social functioning. They present a higher degree of self-esteem, of emotional stability and of occupational steadiness too.

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Sitzoglou, K., Papadopoulos, K., Tsiptsios, J. et al. Impact of alcohol use and its related disorders at work in relavance with family history of alcoholism. Ann Gen Hosp Psychiatry 2 (Suppl 1), S108 (2003).

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