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Quality of life questionnaire for socially excluded groups


Quality of life covers life as a whole but also all its aspects. It is determined as the sought total satisfaction by a number of factors with strong accent in the well-being. The other aspects usually constitute the social activity of individuals, the economic situation, the activities of free time, the conditions of work and income, the appearance of illness or not in the daily life, the harmonics interpersonal relations, the satisfaction from the place living and the potential indications of anxiety or stress. The creation of this questionnaire indents to study the profile of well-being and quality of life in social teams that experience social exclusion and it has as final objective the contribution in programs of intervention in communities that seek to upgrade of quality of life of their residents.

Material and Methods

The questionnaire that was created is based on the opinion that the quality of life requires various cells that function effectively and balanced. Aspects of quality of life are the subjective feeling, which includes satisfaction from life, the self-esteem and well-being, and the objective cell which includes the parameters of income, work and accommodation. It is considered as important to study these two factors, as in the socially excluded teams particularities exist which create difficulties in the comprehension of what they experience and how they deal with it. For the creation of the particular questionnaire the GHQ-12 was used and a constructed questionnaire of 79 questions.

In especial, the economic situation of residents is examined, the cultural status, their relation with the state, the community as a place to live and as political community and the general situation of mental health of individuals. Finally, questions are included that concern demographic characteristics of individuals.


The questionnaire of quality of life was granted as pilot in the community of Rom at Zefiry. The study is underway


This tool will give a picture ïf how the local society seeks the quality of life, what is important for the residents, as well as, the weaknesses or the strong points of community.

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