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Alcoholism and depression


The aim of the present study is to investigate the comorbidity between alcoholism and depression. Alcoholism and depression are examined as separate co-existent disorders.

Material and Methods

The total sample consists of 70 subjects (35 for the experimental group, that is people with alcohol dependence and 35 for the control group, that is people without alcohol dependence) aged 24–63 with an average of 46 years for the experimental group and 47 for the control group. The subjects of the experimental group (30 men and 5 women) were hospitalised patients and outpatients. Consideration was taken for the equation of the two groups of the sample regarding age, sex, educational level and marital status. An improvised questionnaire of personal elements was used for the data collection. The diagnosis of alcohol dependence was done with the criteria of DSM-IV. The questionnaire of calculation and estimation of depression QD2 by P. Pichot was used for the diagnosis of depression. The χ2-test was applied for the statistical data anlysis


1) statistically significant correlation between depression and alcohol dependence, 2) statistically significant difference concerning the existence of depression between the two groups.


The comorbidity between alcohol dependence and depression is proved. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the educational level and the marital status of the people in the experimental group seem to be related with high levels of depression.

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