Volume 2 Supplement 1

International Society on Brain and Behaviour: 1st International Congress on Brain and Behaviour

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Calcium-blood levels abnormalities and neurological and psychiatric manifestations: two characteristic cases in Florina, Greece

  • P Raptis1,
  • T Savidis1,
  • N Liakopoulos2 and
  • K Hatzikonstantinou2
Annals of General Hospital Psychiatry20032(Suppl 1):S138


Received: 1 November 2003

Published: 23 December 2003


To present the direct relationship of calcium blood levels abnormalities with neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Material and Methods

Two cases are discussed, one with hypercalcemia and one with hypocalcemia and their mental state was studied.


In first case, a 73-years old woman presented to us with fatigue and progressive neurological manifestation being developed within 24 hours was studied. Laboratory studies revealed hypercalcemia. In the second case a 40-years old woman, presented with a major epileptic crisis was studied. Laboratory studies revealed hypocalcemia.


In conclusion, during the differential diagnosis of any kind of mental disorders, metabolic abnormalities, especially of calcium blood levels must be included.

Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Neurology
Department of Internal Medicine


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