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The development of psychoanalytic psychotherapy during the last century

On the present work, the process of the freudian cogitation is getting firstly impressed, towards the creation of the psychoanalytic therapeutic setting. That is characterized from the fundamental discovery of the unconscious and from the focalization of the psychoanalyst interest, on the endopsychic fermentation, independently from biological and environmental factors. On the following, there is a reference on the brief psychotherapies of psychoanalytic inspiration, which are interested mostly on the therapeutic results of psychoanalysis. Thereby, on our point of view, the psychoanalytic therapy enters to the field of psychiatry therapeutic and the preconditions for research and appreciation of the therapeutic results are created. Finally there is a reference on the methodological and scientifically matters of research in psychoanalysis, through the presence of two ascendant tendencies on the in question field, of the francophone and of the anglo-saxon.

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Esagian, G. The development of psychoanalytic psychotherapy during the last century. Ann Gen Hosp Psychiatry 2 (Suppl 1), S55 (2003).

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