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Music therapy intervention on individuals with psychological disorders. a case study


The benefits of music therapy are emotional, psychological and physical. Current research on patients with schizophrenia showed that music therapy diminished patients' negative symptoms, increased their ability to converse with others, reduced their social isolation, and increased their level of interest in external events. The aim of this research was to study the effect of music on a middle aged patient, diagnosed with schizophrenia of the paranoic type. The implementation of the music therapy intervention aimed on the development of the natural tendencies of the participant, as well as his psychological and physical functions so that he could be able to overcome problematic conditions and behaviors and be able to reach therapeutic response.

Material and Methods

An adult patient aged 49 years, diagnosed with schizophrenia of the paranoic type was engaged in this case study. The duration of the program was four months, with two 1-hour sessions per week. The present study had been conducted following the "individual – passive" technique, which is based on applying a program of music hearing, consisted of 3 different musical units. The musical pieces used in therapy interventions were played live, with the use of the below music instruments: Guitar, clarinet, flute, harmonica and Greek baglamas.


This study confirmed the positive effects of music therapy interventions, as were already found to be recorded in the literature. The patient showed after each intervention, more zest to participate in the scheduled group activities of the Institution (such as the clay group and the cooking group). He also expressed a strong feeling of relief, and a positive mood. It was noted that through the total of music therapy interventions, the patient was lead to the reduction of his social isolation, and increase of his interest for social activities.


Conclusively, music therapy can be used successfully on patients with schizophrenia but more research needs to be done, involving a greater number of patients and for a longer period of time.

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