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Effect of outside bed elimination on psychological reaction in C.C.U


This is a quasi-experimental study focusing on defining the effect of outside bed elimination on psychological reaction in C.C.U

Materials and methods

This is a two group two stage carried out on all coronary patients hospitalized in C.C.U. Samples were randomly divided into two groups of study and control. The data were collected by interviews and observations through questionnaires.

The questionnaire made according to scientific books and articles.

An anxiety and depression hospital questionnaire including fourteen questions. Scientific validity of the questionnaire was made by content validity and the reliability was made through a pilot study with a korenbach of 90%.

Data were processed and analyzed by spss and inferential descriptive statistics.

Pair T-Test, T-Test Wilcox on and Mann-Whitney Tests were med to reach the goals of the study.


The findings also showed no significant in the frequency distribution of the subjects according to psychological reactions before elimination in out of bed while.

But after elimination in out of bed is significant difference (p = 0.023).


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