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Suicides and alcohol abusers

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Annals of General Psychiatry20065 (Suppl 1) :S126

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  • Primary Care
  • Preventative Measure
  • Alcohol Abuser
  • Prognostic Marker
  • Eating Disorder


Eating disorders are becoming more apparent in primary care. We hypothesised that many individuals with active eating disorders have alexithymic traits and a tendency to somatize their distress. Alcoholisation and alcoholism are very propitious conditions for suicide due to the combination of depressive emotions and anti-inhibition effect of alcohol facilitating suicide activity.

Materials and methods

The aim of the investigation is to study autoagressive behavior and alcohol suicides and to analyse retrospectively the predictors and risk factors of alcohol suicides in alcohol abusers. The authors studied with the method of psychological autopsy the anamnesis and life style in 32 self-murderers.


The phenomenon of autoagressive behavior, individual psychological profile, the level of psychic and social adaptation in alcohol drinkers was described in the article. The predictors and prognostic markers of suicidal activity were revealed. The patients (28 subjects) with parasuicides and alcohol abusers undergone the special testing to reveal the degree of suicide risk. The authors marked the criteria for the groups of high suicide risk. There is a connection with suicides and geliogeophysical factors: geomagnetical and gravitation fluctuation.


Possible preventative measures are discussed.

Authors’ Affiliations

Institute of Internal Medicine SB RAMS, Russian Federation


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