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A multifactorial approach in the treatment of the severely disturbed patients


We present some data from the treatment of psychotic patients through a multifactorial approach which has been developed during 25 years of experience, at the Open Psychotherapy Centre (O.P.C.), an open daily non-residential therapeutic community environment.

Materials and methods

The therapeutic approach of the O.P.C. is, mainly, Group-Analytic, in combination with Therapeutic Community, Psychodrama and Family Therapy principles.


This multifactorial scheme facilitates on the one hand the therapist's role, by the creation of a therapist's group which gets envolved in the whole therapeutic process, while on the other hand it functions more effectively as it engages, directly or indirectly, the psychotic patients as well as their families in a wide group therapeutic context.


The above data are presented in comparison to the recent relevant literature in an atempt to delineate the interrelation of individual and group factors that contribute to the favourable outcome.

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Kakouri, A., Athitakis, M., Morarou, E. et al. A multifactorial approach in the treatment of the severely disturbed patients. Ann Gen Psychiatry 5 (Suppl 1), S154 (2006).

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