Volume 5 Supplement 1

International Society on Brain and Behaviour: 2nd International Congress on Brain and Behaviour

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Differences in the psychological characteristics of borderline patients with and without comorbidity of alchoholism

  • Pia Koilia1,
  • Marina Manthouli1,
  • Christina Terlidou1 and
  • Ioannis Tsegos1
Annals of General Psychiatry20065(Suppl 1):S155


Published: 28 February 2006


The paper presents the results of a pilot study of the personality characteristics of two groups of patients: the first group consists of patients with Borderline Personality Disorder, while the second group consists of patients with comorbidity of Borderline Disorder and Alcoholism.

Materials and methods

The study included 40 protocols (20 protocols of each diagnostic category) of the psychological tests M.M.P.I. and Rorschach of the patients who addressed for therapy at the O.P.C.


The results which arised from this comparison showed that the group of the patients who had diagnosed both as borderline and alcoholic, appears normal values on the MMPI profile in relation to the group of patients with Borderline Personality Disorder. More specifically the statistically important differences are indicated in the scales of Depression (2), Hysteria (3), Psychopathy (4). In the Rorschach test both groups appear high percentage in the parameters which are related to the adjustment ability. However, this is succeeded through rigid, conventional and stereotype behaviour.


The findings of the present study in comparison to similar studies of the international bibliography, are discussed.

Authors’ Affiliations

Open Psychotherapy Centre, Institute of Diagnostic Psychology


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