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Depression in outpatients with diabetes mellitus


The purpose of this study was to determine the emotional status of patients with Diabetes Mellitus and to study its relationship with blood glucose levels, total amount of years since the first diagnosis and way of treatment (insulin or oral ant diabetic drugs).

Materials and methods

The study was carried out with 51 diabetic outpatients who visited the psychiatric clinic claiming to be in very bad emotional mood. They were examined clinically and they completed the BDI (Beck Depression Inventory) questionnaire. Blood glucose levels and epidemiological characteristics were determined.


The average score of BDI was high (28.1) suggesting severe depression. The average value of blood glucose was 199.4 mg/dl, the mean number of years since initial diagnosis of diabetes was 14 years, while 34 patients were treated with insulin injections and 17 with oral ant diabetic drugs.


High levels of blood glucose, treatment with insulin and the total amount of years since initial diagnosis seem to be risk factors for depression, as suggested by clinical examination and completion of the BDI questionnaire.


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