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Prevalence of depression and correlates of depressive symptoms among residents in urban area of Jeju Island


Recently, various effective and rapid acting treatment modality for depression have been massively developed. So, early detection and early treatment of depression is vitally important to improve community mental health. Using CES-D, primary practitioner can easily find depressive symptoms that can complicate other physical disease. Finding and treating depression early can improve general prognosis of physical disease. The purpose of this study was to find prevalence of depression and depressive symptoms and correlates of depressive symptoms to suggest baseline data.

Materials and methods

The study subjects were 981 residents, 413 male, 568 female in urban Jeju island and data was gathered from trained interviewer using CES-D and questionnaire about sociodemographic factors and health behavior. Depression was defined as CES-D total score over 25. Depressive symptom was defined as CES-D score over 21.


Prevalence of depression in urban Jeju island was 9.47% among male, 11.36% among female. Prevalence of depressive symptoms was 15.01% among male, 18.37% among female. Risk factor of depressive symptoms were Self-assessed level of stress, alcohol dependence, sleep disturbance, and female sex.


Prevalence of depression and depressive symptoms in urban Jeju island is similar with those among nation wide sample. With intensive mental health service for those who are in high stress level and those who have alchohol dependence and poor health behavior, early detection of depressive symptom from community will be important to improve general health status.


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