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Psychosocial support in treatment of BMD I


Bipolar mood disorder treatment is a major problem in psychiatry. BMD I prevalence is 4.0 to 1.6 percent. Pharmachotherapy is the first choice in treatment but many times has not a satisfactory result. Nowadays psychosocial interventions has major role in psychiatric treaments. Inthis paper we explained effect of psychosocial support from cmmunity mental health systm in treatment of BMD I.

Materials and methods

This is aclinical trial study. All of group was 42 patients (20 male and 22 female). They diagnosed manic or depressivephase of BMD I based on DSM IV criteria and followed after stabilized and full remission period with standard plane of pharmachotherapy. All of cases were followed for six months. For case group psychosocial support (from Community Psychiatry System Clinic include psychotherapy economic and legal support and rehabilition and crises intervention) with pharmachotherapy and for control group only pharmachotherapy. All of data was was analyzed with SPSS.


The recurrence rate in case group was 19 percent and for control group was 38 percent. 2 (X: p = 0.05)


Psychsocial support has positive effect in managment of BMD I and it is better pharmachothrapy started with psychosocial support in BMD I patients.


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