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Strategies coping with labour stress from speech therapists in Greece


The aim of present research was to investigate the coping strategies that are used by speech therapists, in the effort to resolute a difficult situation or anything that causes the development of stress. More specifically, the study looked at whether speech therapists selected positive or negative coping strategies, and which strategies were most preferred.

Materials and methods

For our research we used the "scale of Toulouse" for the coping of problems. Questionnaires and interviews were administered to 86 speech therapists from Greece.


Index focusing average: 31, 58

Index sociable support: 31, 40

Index control: 31, 77

Index withdrawal: 18, 74

Index change average: 27, 01

Index refusal: 23, 24


According to the results from the statistical analysis, more important problems with the coping of stress are confronted by speech therapists of younger age, those that have less years of previous experience, those that don't work in metropolitan cities and those that work in the public sector.

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Theodoratou, M.M., Plati, M., Tsouxli, A. et al. Strategies coping with labour stress from speech therapists in Greece. Ann Gen Psychiatry 5 (Suppl 1), S192 (2006).

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