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Impact of naltrexone preventation of relapse opiate dependence


One of important problems in treatment of opiate dependencey is relapse that cause of craving and obsession to drug. Naltrexone is a drug similar to the molecular of opiate material with use of it don't remain opiate to receptors in brain. With use of naltrexone reduce to craving to opium and consequently reduce obsession too. The basic aim of this study was the impact of naltrexone in preventation of relapse addiction.

Materials and methods

This is a controlled clinical trial study that accomplished cases (200 cases is E-group and 200 cases is control group). This cases refered to clinic of Medical University of Rafsanjan to used opium for several ways the patients after detoxification and morphine test randomly divided two groups (case and control groups), In case group prescribed 50 mg naltrexone per day.

In first month visited and tested patients once-a-week and in next months once-a-two weeks. With the presence of therapist the patient should took the first dose of drug and nessesary dose was calculated and given to patient partner at next visit. Were studied with spss12, x2, fisher.


The result indicated case group were successful 65% in compare to control groups 25% at the 6-month follow-up screening in addiction (p < 0.0001).

There were significant differences found between the successful withdrawal group, unsuccessful withdrawal group, and the relapsed group influence the following parameters: age, employment, marital status, ownership of a place of residence, type of opium, the usage route, daily dosage, initiation age, experience with other drugs, prior experiences with injection and abstinence.


Naltrexone is one drug similar to the molecular particale of opiate and with use it don't remain opiate to receptor and this drug never is addiction and prevent relapse to addiction.

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