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Features of emotional sphere and behaviour of children of preschool age with speech pathology


Process of formation of speech begins with since early age of the child and influences upon cognitive, personal and behavioural development of the child, qualitatively transforming and accelerating it. Through active speech dialogue with environmental people the child receives the basic information necessary for his personal development. Thus, infringements of speech it should be reflected in development of the child.

At the present study we aim to describe features of emotional and behaviour of children of preschool age with a speech pathology for early rehabilitation.

Materials and methods

We examined 69 children with a speech pathology from the age of 4 to 7 years old. Methods of research included questionnaires of parents and tutors, supervision, drawing tests, the anxiety test, studying of a self-estimation.


The following features of emotional sphere are found out: supersensitivity, petulance, touchiness, malignancy, cruelty, anxiety, phobia, jealousy, agression, depression, a low level of a self-estimation. 56 % of children have disruptive behaviour.


Results of research show, those children with a speech pathology already at preschool age have the secondary psychological problems influencing upon development of the person of the child and promoting fastening of negative forms of reaction.


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