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Impact of education to change adolescent's awareness about drugs


Due to unsuccessful in treatment and reduction of recovery and prevention, follow up was more important than treatment. The last statistics from the best clinic with long and maintenance treatment program and with 6 month follow up were 22% to 66% for cocaine, 5/8 to 17/2 for heroin and almost 50% for alcohol. The idea of to be chronic and periodic addiction cause of pay attention to prevention with giveing education and increase awareness about drug abuse in adolescents and change their incorrect information can change their attitude about drugs

Materials and methods

The basic aim of this investigation is survey of impact of education to amount of awareness of adolescents about types of drug. This is an experimental design with random sampling from boys and girls high school students with pre and post-test and control group, however there were four groups. We used a questionnaire with 60 items about types of drugs. Experimental groups take 4 sessions 45 minutes education about types of drugs (alcohol, heroin, opiate, canabis, and cigarettes).


Amount of correct knowledge all of groups were less than 50%. The average of correct information of boys were 28/7 before and 37/8 after education. In girls average correct information was 29 before and 39/2 after education. After education incorrect information of girls significantly decrease, but in boys this decrease wasn't significant.


Amount of correct information of adolescents about (treatment, abuse, dependency, risks and damges) of kinds of drug is low. However we need to educate to adolescents for prevention them from addiction. Education can change their attitude about drugs.

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