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The combination of drug and psychotherapeutic intervention in a young patient with schizoaffective disorder


The therapy of a young foreign patient, affected by scizoaffective disorder and admitted in the General hospital, with the cooperation of the Interdisciplinary team.

The purpose of the present study is the case of a young patient affected by scizoaffective disorder, with a history of recurrent admissions who was subjected to biological therapy combined with personal supportive psychotherapy.

Materials and methods

The patient received Antipsychotic and Antidepressant treatment while at the same time she participated in a personal program of Interventional Supportive Psychotherapy.


The holistic management of the disorder not only helped in controlling the psychotic and depressive symptoms of the patient but also in motivating the family frame and the Rehabilitation of the patient in Social and Occupational terms.


A combined application of the suitable pharmacological and psychotherapeutic intervention at a personal level in the case of young psychotics seems that both contributes to the holistic management of the disorder and strengthens, in the long run, the preservation of the positive results of the intervention for the person and his family.

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Bakomitrou, F., Galetas, I. & Rontos, I. The combination of drug and psychotherapeutic intervention in a young patient with schizoaffective disorder. Ann Gen Psychiatry 5 (Suppl 1), S283 (2006).

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