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Defining mean scores of official staffs, preportion in cooperative management in one of nursing and midwifery school of Isfahan University of medical sciences


Although the thought of participation has shown its high competence in all dimensions of life and society and it has proven numerous successful and different researches in the field of participation and participative management, in many cases condition and position of performing participation has been the indicator of successful participation management. A manager, in order to perform the action of participative management, needs to study the readiness of organization and then programs performing plans on the basis of this reality.

Methods and materials

This study is methodological triangulation (a several-dimensional way of methodology) which has been performed on the staff of nursing college at Isfahan university as a research society (n = 100). The method of sampling facts and the ways of collecting data is using a questionnaire and the analysis was done by descriptive and statistical statistic.


The findings of this research indicated that the readiness of organization on the basis of its components, include the readiness of managers, the readiness of staff and the readiness of organization structure is average (neither high nor low). Also, on the basis of average of questions scores of every dimension of organizational readiness, the factors revealing the presence of readiness at this college include the positive and clear personnel policies, acceptable hierarchy relations, no intervention of upper organizations in making decisions of the manager, the importance of staff to do a perfect work awareness of the value of work, staff's responsibility, lack of perseverance to the changes, have the most scores. Negative factors which prevent the participative management include lack of sufficient information sources, no participation of staff in selecting the managers and the idea of staff in not giving value by managers to the job satisfaction, Health and needs of the staff has had the most scores which have many effects on the rate of the readiness of organization. In addition, there is a meaningful relation between the age and educational condition, management position and the background of staff and organization readiness.


According to the medium rate of organizational readiness at this college, it is recommended to the managers of this college and other organizations to emphasize on the positive paints improve negative points and eliminate the preventions of participative management.

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