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A study of demographic characteristics of women and children, which their diagnosis was suicide with fire in Ardabil in phatemi hospital 2000

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Annals of General Psychiatry20065 (Suppl 1) :S69

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Self-harm was one of the health problems for three centuries which suicide with fire is one of Self-injuries ways. Demographic chractractices and rate of Self-harm can have preventive approach in burns suicide.

This study was carried to clarify the demographic chractractices of women and children, which their diagnosis was suicide with fire.

Materials and methods

This study was descriptive research and data were collected from questionnaire include: marital, Status, education, job, husbands job, time and date of suicide with fire time of referring to hospital, Vehicle which transport the patient, outcome of patient and causes of burning


Results showed that rate of suicide with fire in married, low education, housewives, urban, at night, and spring was higher than others.

Also finding showed that most of patient committed received their burns at home and most of them bringing to hospital with (115) emergency ambulance.

Most of patients had 80 percent burning and died after few days and main cause of suicide were argue with husband.


The main cause of suicide with fire were familial problem which consult and education can be preventive and helpful.

Authors’ Affiliations

Medical Sciences University, Ardabil, Iran


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