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Relation between religious beliefs and preoparative anxiety


The important changes of life are factors causing anxiety. One of these changes is surgery. Investigators believe that emotional reactions have specific effect on the intensity and velocity and process of physical disease. In addition, those can cause preventing or delaying in patients recovery.

Materials and methods

Present survey was one correlational study that assessed relationship between religious beliefs and preoperative anxiety. For sampling, a simple method was used. data collection instrument was a questionnaire that one part was completed by investigator and the other by patients. For analysis of data of analytical and descriptive statistical was used. Results were arranged in 85 tables.


Us beliefs according to data, grading religious beliefs in one 29–145 scaling was 115/1, and the mean of anxiety in 20–80 scaling was 43/8. Results demonstrated that there is significant difference between religion and intensity of anxiety. So religious beliefs in according to some demographic characteristics (e.g gender) showed significant difference. Among behavioural and vital signs of anxiety, it was seen significant difference between intensity of anxiety with some symptoms such as pulse rate, tremor, agitation, inconcentration, flushing or paleness of face.


The result of this study can be received as a document to presentation religious counseling and spiritual interventions for individuals undergoing stress. Finally, investigator based upon the results of this study has suggested some recommendations for applying results and performing next studies.

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