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Depressed patients demographic characteristics referring to psychiatric of Ardabil Fatemi hospital


Depression is the most common psychologic disorder that exists among 35–40 percent of people referring to doctor. Attentive to effect of demographic factors in prevalence and incidence of depressive disorders, recognition of high risk groups for depressive disease will be useful certainly. The aim of this study was to determine depressed patients demographic characteristics referring to psychiatric clinc of Fatemi hospital in Ardabil.

Materials and methods

In this retrospective descriptive study, 120 records of patient having to depressive disorder referring to psychiatric clinic of Ardabil Fatemi hospital were studied and with using flosheet chart, demographic characteristics of patients were extraction of their records and were analyzed by SPSS software. Frequency tables were used in this analysis.


The findings indicated that between depressed patients 51/66 % were female, 80% married, 59/16% had 1–4 baby and 36/66% had underdiploma education, 38/33% were housekeeper, 81/66% lived in city, 68/34% were in the age 24–45 and 43/34% had anxious personality before disease.


The recognition demographic characteristics help us in diagnosis of high risk groups of depressive disorder and as a result prevention of that.

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