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Table 1 Common clinical presentations of the various types of frontotemporal dementia.

From: Frontotemporal Dementias: A Review

  Common Initial Behavioral Symptoms Cognitive Symptoms Commonly Affected
  Presentation    Brain Region
FvFTDa Personality Occur Early: Executive dysfunction Frontal/prefrontal
  change Disinhibition Impaired working memory cortex
   Impulsivity Perseveration Anterior temporal
   Stereotypies Attentional deficits cortex
SDb Language Occur Early or Late: Fluent dysphasia Middle and inferior
  abnormality Emotional distance Impaired semantic memory temporal neocortex
   Interpersonal coldness Preserved autobiographical  
    and working memory  
PAc Language Occur Late: Non-fluent/expressive Left perisylvian
  abnormality May include any of the dysphasia cortex
  1. a = Frontal variant frontotemporal dementia; b = Semantic dementia; c = Progressive aphasia