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Suicidal behavior and personality


The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between characteristics of personality and suicide. Hostility is considered to be an important risk factor for suicidal behavior.

Materials and methods

The relationship between hostility and suicide behavior was investigated in 57 suicide attempts.

The sample of the study consisted of 57 patient's 5 males and 52 females with a history of recent suicide attempt. An equal number of 57 healthy matched for sex and age that did not report a history of self-harming acts, was used as a control group.


Statistically significant correlations were found among the parameters of hostility.


The results of this study indicate that the scores of the parameters of hostility introverted and extroverted were higher in the attempters than the non-attempters.

Specifically high scores were found on the depression, paranoid and introversion hostility scales.

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