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Application of Clozapine to aggressive patients

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Annals of General Psychiatry20087 (Suppl 1) :S150

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  • Schizophrenia
  • Clozapine
  • Personal Disorder
  • Personality Disorder
  • Good Compliance


Definitions. Aggression types. Therapeutic methods for coping aggression.

Assessment of the drug effect in aggressive patients with different nosological belonging.

Materials and methods

Three groups of patients /aggressive patients with schizophrenia, potentially aggressive patients with schizophrenia and aggressive patients with personal disorder/ age 18-60, without any significant somatic diseases, with diagnosis paranoid schizophrenia and personal disorder, are studied. Clozapine is applied in variable doses. A battery of psychological tests for aggression assessment is used. Personality evaluation was made by IPDE for patients with personality disorders. Diagnostic procedures included ICD-10 criteria.


There is a considerable reduction of aggressive behaviour by fast dosage titration of Clozapine. The side effects affect significantly the patients' compliance


It is observed a good compliance in low Clozapine dosage (under 100 mg.). We consider that the better compliance is also linked with a regular blood count providing therapeutic contacts with patients.

Authors’ Affiliations

Prison Kajluka, Pleven, Bulgaria
Military Medical Academy, Department of Psychiatry–Sofia, Bulgaria
Diagnostic Consultative Centre XXVIII-Sofia, Bulgaria


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