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Application of Clozapine to aggressive patients

  • Ruslan Tonev1,
  • Tony Donchev2 and
  • Vladimir Nakov3
Annals of General Psychiatry20087(Suppl 1):S150

Published: 17 April 2008


SchizophreniaClozapinePersonal DisorderPersonality DisorderGood Compliance


Definitions. Aggression types. Therapeutic methods for coping aggression.

Assessment of the drug effect in aggressive patients with different nosological belonging.

Materials and methods

Three groups of patients /aggressive patients with schizophrenia, potentially aggressive patients with schizophrenia and aggressive patients with personal disorder/ age 18-60, without any significant somatic diseases, with diagnosis paranoid schizophrenia and personal disorder, are studied. Clozapine is applied in variable doses. A battery of psychological tests for aggression assessment is used. Personality evaluation was made by IPDE for patients with personality disorders. Diagnostic procedures included ICD-10 criteria.


There is a considerable reduction of aggressive behaviour by fast dosage titration of Clozapine. The side effects affect significantly the patients' compliance


It is observed a good compliance in low Clozapine dosage (under 100 mg.). We consider that the better compliance is also linked with a regular blood count providing therapeutic contacts with patients.

Authors’ Affiliations

Prison Kajluka, Pleven, Bulgaria
Military Medical Academy, Department of Psychiatry–Sofia, Bulgaria
Diagnostic Consultative Centre XXVIII-Sofia, Bulgaria


© Tonev et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2008

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