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Psychiatric trainees attitudes towards EUTHANASIA


In Greece, which has one of the lowest rates of suicide, euthanasia (EUT) and physician assisted suicide (PAS) are illegal and punishable criminal acts. Attitudes towards EUT and PAS among psychiatric trainees are scarce. We investigated the attitudes towards EUT and PAS of Greek psychiatric trainees (PT) and compared that to those of other medical trainees (OMT).

Materials and methods

To access attitudes towards EUT and PAS we translated, adapted and modified, in a short version, the questionnaire developed by Ganzini et al (1996). 120 psychiatric trainees and 154 trainees of other medical specialties completed the questionnaire.


51.6% of the PT and 33.4% of the OMT were for the acceptance of EUT (p<0.001) while 82.5% of the PT and 75.9% of the OMT were for the acceptance of PAS under some circumstances (p<0.04). 69.2% of the PT and 82.4% of the OMT influenced on the issue of PAS by the risk that PAS might be misused with certain disadvantaged groups (p<0.04). 60.8% of the PT and 48.7% of the OMT believe that there will be sufficient legal safeguards regarding the legislation of EUT (p<0.05). 39.2% of the PT and 59.1% of the OMT believe that legalization of EUT may be a risk for the legitimate everyday medical practice (p<0.001).


A great proportion of both PT and OMT were for the acceptance of EUT and PAS under some circumstances.


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