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Quality of life geriatric patients


The geriatric population constitutes 18% of the population of our country.

Aim of our study was to study the quality of life of elderly individuals.

Materials and methods

Constituted 234 patients from which 60% were women and 40% men of average age of 75 years.


8% suffered from psychiatric diseases, 35% from diseases of the cardiovascular system, 18% from diseases of the respiratory system, 22% from malignant diseases, 7% from inflammatory diseases, 7%endocrine diseases and 3% from various other diseases.


Old age is the time of the downfall of the individual which begins with the decrease of the bodily functions, in the 92% of patients there hardly exists an explicit medical problem and, in the 8% it concerns psychiatric disturbances, and there should be particular sensitisation towards geriatrics patients.

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Correspondence to Karamitsos Konstantinos.

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