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Mass media as a source of trauma after Armavia jet crash in May 2006 in Sochi


The aim of this presentation is to show the influence of trauma on the psychological well being of the general population after mass media reports.

Materials and methods

The following steps were important: creation of “Hot line” psychological help services for the families of the victims and also for general population; public education; professional education; publication of materials such as a children and grief.


Different stages of post traumatic stress reactions were observed: up to mid June, 40th Day memorial mass, acceptance by the family members loss as a reality; the mourning process continues recurring, sometimes re-experiencing the tragedy of the event, anger as psychological reaction after traumatic loss.


Those families who were not able to find the remains of their loved once having longer denial and mourning processes. The main sources of the news and their 24 hours a day reports about increased details of the private lives of the families who lost a member, detailed and repetitive visual coverage of jet crash. Data and statistical analysis of the calls showing that less then 10% of the calls are from the families of the victims and the rest was from general population. Mass media and in most of the cases television can be a powerful influence in developing post traumatic reactions, not necessarily disorders.

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