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Smoking, alcohol and coffee consumption in Greek adolescents


The aim of this study, which was carried out between October and May of 2006-2007 was to determine the prevalence of smoking, alcohol and coffee consumption among the Greek adolescents (age 13-16) in Kassandra, in Greece.

Materials and methods

Of the 370 school students of Kassandra, prefecture Halkidiki, Greece, 315 agreed to answer in an anonymous questionnaire (response rate 85,2%).


6.5% were smoking at least 5 cigarettes per day (7.1% of the boys and 6% of the girls). All of the smokers were at least 16 years old (15.7% of the students of the lyceum) and they were smoking 18.53 (SD 13.9) cigarettes per day. According the alcohol consumption 27.1% were drinking at least one drink per week (16.7% were in high school and 83.3% in lyceum, p<0.001). 15% of the students they had to drink at least 4 drinks during entertainment and 6.1% they were drinking alcohol more than 3 days per week. 78.9% of the smokers were also drinking alcohol. Although 1 out of 3 adolescents they were drinking coffee, only 3.1% of them they were drinking 3 or more coffees per day. There weren't any statistical significant differences between the male and the females for any of the above variables.


Although the prevalence of smoking and alcohol consumption is lower than other epidemiological data, is still remaining high, indicating the need of the orientation of the local health system to educate and protect the adolescents of these hurtful conventions.


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Efharis Panagopoulou, Medical school, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,

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